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Welcome to We are a division of Aljo Dyes, and the premier manufacturer and distributor of MX Cold Process, Fiber Reactive, Cold Water Dyes in North America. We carry upwards of 50 different MX Cold Process, Fiber Reactive, Cold Water Dye colors, available in sizes rangeing from 1 oz. to 100 Lbs and over. Both retail customers and wholesale distributors are welcome to purchase our professional grade, very competitively priced Dyes. We have a retail store in Lower Manhattan, NYC, and ship our dyes worldwide.

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Cold ProcessFiber Reactive, Cold Water Dyes exhibit brilliant color, have good fastness to washing, and are ideal for painting directly onto silk, cotton, rayon, and wool, or for screen printing with gum thickener. They are also excellent for use in the batik process. These dyes requires the addition of Common Salt and Washing Soda when immersing in the dye bath, and Baking Soda and Urea when painting or printing. Our "gum thickener #3056" is a neutral ph powder that dissolves in water and is an ideal gel thickener for these dyes. Please note: washing soda, or sal soda, is best purchased here, since the commercial brand now contains additives which reduce color intensity. Available in 19 inter-mixable colors. (we also have urea).

An Example

All of our Fiber Reactive, Cold Process Dyes are sold in powder form. To determine how much dye is needed for a garment, take into account the weight of the garment and the depth of color desired. Our colorcharts show the cold process dyes in two strengths - 5% OWG and 1% OWG (On Weight of Goods.) If you were to dye a shirt weighing 10 Oz., for example, you would use 5% of 10 Oz of dye - a single half ounce packet. In addition, you would add 200% of 10oz. of common salt - 1 Lb. 4 oz

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Tye Dye

Recipe for Dyebath:

  • 1 lb. Cloth (cotton, rayon, silk or wool)

  • 2 lbs. Common salt

  • 1 oz. Washing soda (soda ash) 3.5 tablespoons.

  • 2.5 gallons water (just enough to cover the fabric)

  • .5 - 1 oz. Aljo cold process dye (Apprx. 5& dye to dry weight of fabric.)

Directions for Immersion Dyeing

  • Add pre-dissolved dye & salt to water. Temperature of water should be 70 to 105 F. Higher temperatures within this range result in somewhat deeper color.

  • Enter clean, wet, cloth into the above dye-bath. Continue dyeing for 40 minutes, stirring often.

  • Remove cloth from bath and add soda, which has been dissolved in small amount of warm water. Re-enter cloth into dye-bath and continue dyeing for about 50-60 minutes. Stir as often as necessary to insure even dyeing.

  • Remove cloth from bath and rinse in very warm water until all excess dye is removed. Use soap or Aljo wa-6 surfactant to assist extraction of excess un-fixed color. Do not use bleach.

NOTE: Brilliant Turquoise cw#20 and Black cw#1684 should be dyed at 140 F. After the soda has been added, to assure full depth of shade and even color. Use twice the normal amount of soda for cw#20 and for mixtures which contain cw #20.

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Directions for Direct Application (Printing, Painting or Direct Tie-Dye) on Cotton, Rayon, Silk & Wool:

  • Dissolve 2 to 4 Teaspoons Gum Thickner #3056 into one quart of cold water. allow to dissolve and swell to gel consistency. (Use of Gum Thickner is optional-it enables one to control the flow of paint on fabric, making a more specific image.)

  • Dissolve 2 - 4 Tablespoons of Urea Crystals into one quart of water, or one quart of the gel. If you have "hard" water add Calgon, purchased at supermarket.

  • Keep the above stock solution, using as needed.

  • Prepare "Paint" solution by adding as much Dye as needed into the above mixture. Usually about 1 to 3 teaspoons of dye per cup of liquid will be used, depending on the depth of color desired.

  • When ready to apply add BAKING SODA to the above mixture - 1 Teaspoon per cup. Apply to cloth with brush, squeeze bottle, sponge, or any desired method.

  • Keep the piece covered with plastic in order to prevent and retard drying. The piece should be kept damp for at least 24 hours in order to allow the Dye to react and bond to the fibre. Then remove cover-allow to air dry completely.

  • When dry, proceed to heat set the piece. This is done by ironing, steaming, baking in oven at 285 F for 5 minutes or in a hot clothes dryer for 1 hour.

  • Wash the fabric in cold water. Then wash in very hot water using soap or detergent. Follow by a third and final rinsing. All of the excess dye should be removed. The material is machine washable. Do not use Chlorine Bleach with the ALJO COLD PROCESS DYE.

Alternative Method for Tye-Dye & Painting:

  • Pre-Soak material to be dyed in a solution of 1 cup of Soda Ash in 2.5 gallons of warm water for 20 minutes.

  • Dissolve Dye in warm water to desired concentration (omitting Urea and Baking Soda). Gel made with Gum Thickner #3056 may be used to control spreading.

  • Apply this concentrated "Paint" to cloth by any desired method.

  • Retard drying for at least 12 hours by covering with plastic. Then air dry. When completely dry, rinse in cold water. Then wash with soap in the hottest water available, 200 F is ideal.